A point of view, or in a broader sense a worldview is to me like a painting that is never quite finished. There’s always a spot with fresh paint in it where I can continue to paint my notions and beliefs in a new way. It’s advisable to keep this place rather small since too many questions can cause insecurity and even lead to a crisis. I believe this also right when I’d view it as finished and thus unchangeable. In this sense, I’m trying to be a good painter. However, I must admit that it’s not very often that I’m taking the conscious effort to become more aware of conflicting ideas in my mind. A habit that certainly would help me to make a better color choice.




I value mythologies and religions as an important heritage of the humankind. I believe that RESPECT, ACCEPTANCE, AND APPRECIATION  for each other as well as for the world in which we live in are precious principles.


In fact, we live in an absurd reality. Wars are raging in many places in the world. Also, an awful lot of people live in poverty. Everything is at stake if the fragile global economy shows signs of weakness and so on. That all contributes to the increasing exploitation of the whole living system, call it nature if you like, as well as of the scarce resources such as rare earths. Probably we’ll only fully realize that many of them aren’t unlimited when we almost have run out of oil or other substances that are essential for modern daily life. Furthermore, the whole climate system is under pressure with consequences that we like to ignore. We probably miss the chance to adopt voluntarily. I reckon we, will be forced to do so.


I am sure that our reality will begin to alter towards a better one if we manage to respect each other, show acceptance and appreciation.



Whatsoever, I’m an optimist. Or let me say, I sometimes manage to be one. I believe that we humans do have the capacity to overcome problems. After all, we always have been capable of solving problems or else we wouldn’t have made it this far. I like to believe that there’s a time coming where we increasingly can make peace with ourselves, with each other and the world that’s surrounding us. We need to come to terms with the diversity of the people and evolve an understanding of it. After all, diversity is a strengthening aspect, in general.

– Painting to be continued –