Born under the Sign of the Snake
Destined to be a seeker, I’m looking for wholeness, but I only find fragments. These make up my dreamlike worldview.

A note to a friend…

Hey Amigo! Once again, my night break is announced in the light of smoke and health. I love to stay up two or three hours after 2 am. I just read a newspaper article about losing weight. Yes, another big concern in my life. One thing is clear to me if I can’t somehow make my lifestyle a little healthier, in 20 years, we won’t be celebrating our long-lasting friendship with a beer. You’ll be having a beer on me. Therefore, we should already celebrate regularly with a beer! But, I want to give myself a chance regarding life changes and do it without a guru.

It just crossed my mind how people with transfigured esoteric views are puzzling me more often. Esotericism has become an enormous business. I think the important thing is to develop a solid personal spirituality. This can also include a broad scope of practices. I personally find support in analytical psychology. Religion may be lived individually and come in a wide variety of forms. As different as the faces of all of us, we recognize one in the face of the other: Being human. So we can also see God in the differently colored faiths. Sadly, in our time, many things are going in a different direction than celebrating differences.

Generally, the world is going in a problematic direction with many issues. It seems inevitable that global problems will not become less but will worsen massively. This is the best realistic-optimistic statement I can make. Since I, as a member of this humanity, am probably part of the problem, I also want to deal with possible solutions. In personal behavior… as far as I can manage it, a little bit less weight and less smoke would help me and the planet. The tragic thing is, to change anything about climate change, you need a global shock, and when that comes, the train will have departed already. But there’s always space for the unknown to happen.

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