Born under the Sign of the Snake
Destined to be a seeker, I’m looking for wholeness, but I only find fragments. These make up my dreamlike worldview.

Seen from the cozy chair

In the Christian world, it is Easter Sunday in 2022. The Islamic world is in the middle of Ramadan. And whatever else may be going on, the whole human world is going through a difficult period. Or should I say, continues to…? Covid-19 is still a big issue, and since Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, this war has held the world in its grip. Where some can peacefully go about their daily lives, and if, perhaps, the increasing inflation or the price of gasoline is a topic, others must literally fear for their lives or economic existence.

More often than not, this causes me strange feelings. In addition, I still have the luxury because I belong to the people in a rich industrialized country. Perhaps everything occupies me a little more than other people because I have a mental illness. But I am not so sure whether this is decisive. So I have an experience between everyday life and, because I don’t want to close my eyes, news coming in again and again of, for example, atrocities committed by the Russian army in Ukraine. But, this is only the focus that can be read or seen in the news. A lot of other bad and maybe good information is lost. They simply cannot come to the fore in the thicket of headlines. Or the effects are only creeping and perhaps, therefore, less attractive. Could that be? I believe that the biggest problem we face as a global community, and I am speaking here of those who want to be part of that community and those who do not, is the ongoing climate change.

I am always appalled when I see what incompetent leaders are directing the destinies of their respective countries with direct influence on the global interplay. Under the term incompetence, I understand a broad spectrum of failure towards the people’s interests of their nations and failing in their responsibility towards humanity. For example, the environmental sins of President Bolsonaro in Brazil and the associated human rights violations against the indigenous population. As well as the indefensible actions of President Putin, who the international community should bring to court for apparent war crimes.

I don’t like to seem boastful at this point when it comes to Switzerland, but I don’t think presidential systems are the best way to run a country. Far too much power is concentrated in the hands of one person, which is bound to lead to abuses. However, I think that the power distribution among seven government members, who meet regularly in the body, like Switzerland, offers some advantages.

Inspite of leaders that are damaging our world, we also can trust that there are leaders who strive to make it a better place. (

Well, whatever may happen in the near future. Hopefully, the blue marble will roll through space a little longer, with better news on the horizon.

Let me know!

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