Born under the Sign of the Snake
Destined to be a seeker, I’m looking for wholeness, but I only find fragments. These make up my dreamlike worldview.

My thirst in this world

In this world: Some celebrate, some cry, some feel eloquent, some suffer, some give birth to new lives, some kill lives. I don’t know how I can find peace in this world.

I want to live with passion. I want it to be the fire I feel every day. It shall wake me, elevate me and delight me so that I get in the loop. I want to be caught in that vortex until my final moment sets in and the last sparks are extinguished. Is that too much to ask for?

No, it would be the way it should be. It’s what is in me as a human. That glow, that thirst for becoming self-fulfilled, for me to be me and for you to be you. Let’s ignite that fire!

Let me know!

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