Born under the Sign of the Snake
Destined to be a seeker, I’m looking for wholeness, but I only find fragments. These make up my dreamlike worldview.

The fire burns on

I have been going to psychotherapy regularly for many years. It is one of those measures that helps me to cope better with my mental illness. At the very beginning, I was very skeptical. I didn’t think I would feel comfortable going to therapy. Then a relapse into psychosis made me try it. That was about 20 years ago. Since then, I have been treated by various psychotherapists. In therapy, I always found a good personal approach, and this is probably true vice versa. It is well known that it is not necessarily the treatment method or the orientation of the therapy that is decisive for its success, but rather a good relationship with each other. That’s why I was happy to stay in the same setting longer than otherwise recommended. Because if it fits and the horse runs well, one should not exchange it.

Let me share a link: Wikipedia about Psychotherapy

My last psychotherapist has accompanied me exactly until the previous week for ten years. At the time of my last psychosis, a change into another practice was imminent, and I came across his address. After an appointment for an initial meeting, I decided to take a chance on him, and so did he on me. I had also been in and out of his predecessor’s office for about ten years. However, with interruptions, because I also attended therapy elsewhere for some time.

Over the last few weeks, a new change has begun. My psychotherapist will soon retire. Luckily, a possible successor is available in the same practice. But questions began to occupy me. Will it be a good fit then? Since the new psychotherapist follows a different school of psychotherapy or is trained, I also wondered if it would appeal to me. I was pleased that I was able to attend three “trial appointments”, and now am confident want to continue on the path with her.

It reminds me of passing off some torch that is taking place. The fire of psychotherapy continues to burn and is in a new hand, a circumstance that also promises new opportunities.

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