Born under the Sign of the Snake
Destined to be a seeker, I’m looking for wholeness, but I only find fragments. These make up my dreamlike worldview.

December is coming

In a few days, December 2020 will begin. The earth is slowly but surely turning towards the end of the year, or in other words, towards a new year. Perhaps the view of the half-empty and half-full glass is hidden in it. This year will be remembered by many people as the Corona Year. The year of lockdowns, lousy news, and countless restrictions. Maybe 2021 will be added to this. I do not know. On the horizon is the prospect of early vaccination. However, it will probably take some time before these different vaccinations can be used safely, and people will be vaccinated widely. Apart from the general limitations, I am lucky not to be directly affected by Corona.

This pandemic, with its direct and indirect effects, is bringing many people to the edge. Recently I read that an enormous number of child marriages are being closed again. Organizations that are active against feel that they are set back by 25 years.

Forced marriages (Report on BBC)

The fight against polio is also experiencing setbacks. Not to mention the economic consequences for many people. There the effects will only gradually become apparent. However, there is the notion that every crisis hides an opportunity. That is what I want to believe in. The question is how we can seize these opportunities and use them constructively.

Covid-19 may be more or less harmful for some people. One hears of very mild courses, as well as courses leading to intensive care and even death. What concerns me most are the still unexplored but apparently, numerous long-term consequences of even mild diseases. What other surprises are there?

This is my first entry under the category “The Blue Marble Bulletin. It is based on the famous photo of the earth taken by the Apollo-17 mission in 1972.

Now we are some revolutions further, and so it shall continue.

Let me know!

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