Born under the Sign of the Snake
Destined to be a seeker, I’m looking for wholeness, but I only find fragments. These make up my dreamlike worldview.

‘Project Unknown’

Sometimes we just look around all of a sudden. We might have a hunch that once again something unexpectedly enters our life. On a journey with plenty of unknowns, we understandably are looking for security. Insecurity creates anxiety; it does open the floodgates for all sorts of fears.

As a child, I kept having an intense fear of life. At times, I still can feel it nowadays. However, my ever-increasing life experience helps me to cope better with it. Also, there’s a sort of essential trust evolving in the background. It probably is a very typical process for a human.

But, don’t we all start at a different point? It’s where ‘Project Unknown’ begins. Life is a journey into the unknown, to acknowledge this fully is one of my personal core tasks. We don’t know what enters our life when we look around. Sometimes, it’s something that makes us happy. On a handful of occasions, we better had an antiacid with us.

I have several ideas and goals for my life. Most of them are far from being realized. Since it is ‘Project Unknown,’ it will be written with an open end. Though, every realization retakes us to another point. I once got this advice: “Follow the light!” Maybe this can be replaced with ‘Follow your best intentions!’ I think of it as a compass that hints in the right direction and encourages me to take the next step. I want to try to meet my ‘Project Unknown’ in a more hopeful way. Is there any specific method or attitude that helps you along the way?


2 responses to “‘Project Unknown’”

  1. Follow that ‘inner knowing’, that integrity of what you know is right.
    But having said that, realise also that we do all of this through the filter of our fears obtained through childhood.
    But they have great purpose, they allow us to trip and stumble and find that inner balance so that we can finally see the wall we have built because of our fears…and break it down. It will crumble when we finally understand what that wall is made of, why we hold it in place, and in that understanding it will forever lose its power over us, set us free.
    And in that one moment will have found what we have forever been seeking, that love and happiness that seemed to always been ‘out there’ but is in fact waiting inside until we break through our fears wall…and love the one person our fears will not allow us to…us ❤️

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