Born under the Sign of the Snake
Destined to be a seeker, I’m looking for wholeness, but I only find fragments. These make up my dreamlike worldview.

Lady Storm

Everyday mostly worrisome news from all over the globe gets through to me. I can’t do much about it but to recognize what’s happening and try to figure out what I could change in my life. The feeling that occurs along with it is called Weltschmerz. Experiencing this pain shows me that I’m indeed a sentient being. I see how others express their discomfort in statements as well as actions. Among them, I found  Edgar Allan Poets with the following thoughtful song:

Lyrics Lady Storm (Edgar Allan Poets

There`s a storm
Coming down
You can see her face all around
Clouds are driven by the wind
Rain and lights
Start to fall
You can hear
Lady storm`s words

This is the thunder
This is my voice
I`m speaking to the men
From the sky
This is the rain
These are my tears
Came from my heart
Seeing the world

Everything is dying
Flowers and trees
Butterflies are loosing their wings
Sun is covered by blood
Everything changes
But not mankind
Deep inside is hidden
The need to destroy

Now I`m flying away
Looking for a better place
I`m understanding I`m sure
What you mean
Lady storm

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