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“As I actualize, I uncover.”
― Martin Buber, I and Thou

I think the human psyche is similar to the nature of the Universe. They have things in common – both are being deep, evolving, and full of potential. I guess it’s not wrong to say that both are made up of intriguing enigmas. It’s indeed mind-boggling.

Open-minded and reflective towards my own life and that of others. I usually see the upside of life, but I’m also very concerned about personal issues and those of our world. I’m… Yes, we are interdependent. I hope that you’ll get something out of my musings, or at least are entertained. The77snk’s blog is in one form or another, always under construction. Please, feel free to comment on my posts or to contact me. I won’t bite! Thanks, and now enjoy clicking around.

Some of my ideas, views, inputs, and insights. Resulting from my personal evolution through the course of life.


I am a seeker with no destination. However, destiny keeps throwing cards to me and thus shows the way.





Do you know another planet where you could live? In the age of the Anthropocene, this is a crucial question.


One of my deepest convictions is that we humans must strive for a deep understanding of each other and be much more supportive of one another. Can there really be no human community without war? Maybe one-day future generations will ask: “How could there have been wars?” Well, I know it sounds quite utopian. Anyway, I choose to believe that things can change. We know that change is one of the main features of today’s world. It is essential to understand that this planet is home to all of us and that we are dependent on each other. It is time to refresh our mentalities and to adapt ourselves to changes and new facts. So that as citizens of Earth, we can live and act in this complex environment and the diversity that is arising from this world.yellow-watercolor-splatter-11.png

I perceive the World just like you do. Yet, our minds will show us something different.


Yes, I always will be imperfect. And so will my surroundings never match utopian standards.


My actions do cause ripples, just like a drop falling into the water. Thus a new course is set into the possibilities of the future.



This blog is written by a non-native speaker. Linguistically accident-prone!




I live in a suburb of a rather small but well-known city in Switzerland. My life’s story is 44 years old. I’m interested in quite a few topics but tend to get easily distracted. I do like to associate things. Thus, I don’t manage to cover one matter in-depth. I guess that’s just the way I’m. Currently, I’m trying to figure out what living authentically means to me. I hope this helps me to get an enhanced feel for my being. It’s about getting to know myself better, becoming aware of things that I like to avoid out or are suppressed in subconsciousness. I’d like to understand more. Yes, I’m seeking indeed!

Here, I have a chance to express myself – and to create a scope for hope, understanding & reflection.



To be deeply rooted in oneself, with a sense of authenticity and the courage to live. So the self can show itself by shining through the personality. Indeed, a state worth to strive for.



During my early twenties, a sort of massive turmoil took place in my psyche. It was the onset of a psychotic period that has been followed by several other episodes. Over time, it began to mix with a Bipolar Disorder. Ultimately my condition did match the criteria for the diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder. I’ve accepted what has happened. In a way, I think of it as a valuable life experience in spite of the rough times I went through and the fact that my life story was close to ending far too early. About ten years have passed since the last hospitalization. I can’t possibly know if it was for the last time. It doesn’t matter so much, yet I hope to move on. Psychoses remain to be a part of the deeper mystery of the human mind. I think there’s much more to it than mere illness. However, we live in a time in which such conditions are widely seen as just that by many people. I reckon, to change that, a huge shift would be needed in how we deal with the poles of health and illness and the whole spectrum in between. I think that the way I’m pondering about psychoses matters and helps me to grow as a person.


Life is a journey into the unknown. 

Live long and prosper.